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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Sep 21, 2021

When it comes to the hustle of finding new clients, there’s a group of people largely left ignored: your own past clients. At the time of closing, 91% of people say they would relist with their current agent. However, only 24% of them actually do. The disconnect? Realtors aren’t maintaining communication with this important group of people. Here are seven things you can do to build clients for life.

1. Make sure they are in your database.

  • Create a monthly newsletter and send it to your past clients every month.

2. Send property updates

  • Right after their initial closing, send them information about changes in their property value once a month. After a few months, you might be able to send updates less frequently but maintain communication to keep the conversation going. 

3. Utilize

  • is a platform that sends people their equity, cost breakdown, and lots of other important information about their home. 
  • The open rates on these reports are through the roof. Why? Because they’re professional and information messages that contain helpful information for the person. 

4. Send quarterly personal touches.

  • Every three months, send a quick text just to stay up-to-date with the past client. 
  • Every six months, send them an unsolicited video CMA.
  • The video CMA allows you to share information that makes people want to continue the conversation.
  • Annually, after you send a video CMA, follow up with a personal phone call.

5. Automate digital marketing

  • Make sure every single past client of yours is a friend on FaceBook or Instagram.
  • Don’t just be a realtor, be a friend. Referring a friend is far more powerful than referring a realtor.

6. Utilize Adwerx

  • Make a list of your past buyers, create a sphere of influence group, and run digital ads for that group.
  • Brand yourself as the expert. And if they continually see your face and branding, they’ll think of you when they need an agent. 

7. Make sure you celebrate.

  • Send your past clients something on their home anniversary, their actual anniversary, or birthday. 
  • Make it as personalized as possible. Send a video text or a hand-written letter to make it as specific as possible.
  • Platforms like SendOutCards create personalized hand-written letters based on a handwriting sample you send in.

Implement these different tactics to take your client relationships to the next level. And even better, make your past sales help create future opportunities.

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