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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Oct 26, 2021

While it might come as a shock, realtors are salespeople too! (Surprising, I know.) But that simple fact means realtors benefit from applying sales techniques and strategies to their outreach efforts and when interacting with clients. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy is joined by the owner and managing partner of SURE Sales Group, Andrew Undem, to learn his sales strategy process.

There is a ton of training for realtors on real estate basics, but little training on selling.

  • If you can’t interact with confidence to help people move in the direction you need, you’ll screw up your transactions every time.

When you first meet someone, be confident.

  • Build a bond and rapport: The nervous guy with sweaty palms probably won’t sell as much as the confident salesperson conscious of their energy levels.
  • Have good posture, a warm smile, and a firm handshake. Be aware of your tone of voice and maintain eye contact. In general, just be mindful of how you present yourself to the people around you.
  • Mirror your clients: If someone is relaxed and leans back - you do the same. If the prospect leans in and seems excited, you do the same. Once you match their behaviors, they’ll start to match you.

You pick your presence. You can choose how people perceive you.

  • Set expectations: How do you get the customer what they want? Make sure everyone is on the same page to ensure your needs are met.

AATO: Agenda, agenda, time, outcome

  • Should “agenda” be there twice? Absolutely. Ask people what they want to go over, and establish the criteria to make it an important meeting. 
  • Once you know what the prospect wants, say what you want and why. Then, everybody gets the information they need for the meeting to be beneficial. 
  • Be the authority and set a time limit.
  • Give everyone an option to back out or leave if they aren’t feeling it, or establish what would happen moving forward.

Other important factors:

  • Is there a compelling reason for someone to use your business? If not, then its probably not an issue you need to worry about
  • Budgeting: Can the prospect afford what they are looking to buy?

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