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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Jan 21, 2022

Are you trying to stay on pace to hit that New Year’s goal? Here are 22 different social media post ideas to reel in business and connect with potential buyers and sellers. 

  1. Check this out - Show a remodeled kitchen, breathtaking backyard, or any cool living space people like to see.
  2. Testimonials - Aggregate testimonials from Zillow,, and other sources to promote on social media.
  3. What I love about this business - People love working with passionate people. What makes you excited about the industry?
  4. Can you help me out? - Ask your audience if they know anyone with a certain home type who might be interested in selling. 
  5. My First real estate post memory - Reshare your first post as a real estate agent and share and reflect on what you’ve learned.
  6. Before and after - If a client has remodeled a home, take before and after photos.
  7. The reality of real estate - People believe real estate is an easy gig. Show the behind-the-scenes part of real estate that many people might not realize. 
  8. Just listed - Use the opportunity to share new listings. (A great way to promote leads.)
  9. My favorite closing gifts - This shows that you’ve closed a deal and that you appreciate those you worked with.
  10. My favorite real estate tools - What apps do you use? How do you edit photos? Show your audience your real estate process.
  11. Under contract - Don’t post about properties all the time, but the occasional contract post shows you’re successful and growing. When posting, make it about the client rather than the simple facts of the sale.
  12. Tuesday Tips - Answer the real estate FAQs your clients have.
  13. My go-to business for ___ - A great way to cross-pollinate audiences and find new people in the community. 
  14. Things you may not know about ___ - Share the history of your area or neighborhood. 
  15. 7 Things to do before selling - Catch people debating to sell by sharing these tips.  Whether you say to refresh landscaping, touch up paint, or declutter the house, you’re sharing the details and being a resource for people.
  16. 7 things to do before buying - Same as above, doing this will help you be seen as a go-to source for information.
  17. Video walkthrough of a listing - Give your clients a deeper understanding of a house on the market. At the end, include a CTA for any home in the market a viewer might be interested in.
  18. Friday favorites - What’s your favorite listing on the market? Share your top picks.
  19. Behind the scenes - What happens on the first day of a listing? Document the process to show people what you do as a realtor.
  20. My restaurant for ___ - Tag local businesses in your post, so they share you on their platforms.
  21. Just sold - Use this post as a thank-you for the people involved in the process. 
  22. What I love about our community - Highlight and brag about your area. What do you love about it? 

Consistent content that entertains and educates your audience leads to more conversations, which leads to more contracts. Be yourself and be transparent to create content that leads to more success.

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