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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Jan 28, 2022

Generating leads is the lifeblood of real estate. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy shares 22 strategies to find new buyer leads that will kick off your new year with a positive and productive note. Some have upfront costs, some involve referral fees, and some require more work. But all of them, when used correctly, will help you find the leads you want.

  1. Opcity - Nurtures lead to a certain point and then offers that lead to various realtors. With Opcity, you’ll pay anywhere from a 30-35% referral fee only if the deal goes through.
  2. “Can you help me out?” posts - This is a great tactic to find a specific home for a potential buyer; ask your network if they know anyone whose home fits that description!
  3. Join a leads group - Typically run through your local chamber of commerce, it’s a group of business owners who want more clients. If one doesn’t exist in your area, start your own! 
  4. Target renters - Because most rentals are one-year leases. Targeting landlords whose tenant’s lease is about to expire can yield great results. 
  5. Throw house warming parties - If someone just bought a house, their friends and family are likely considering buying as well. Throwing a party creates an event where you can target those around the new homeowner (all while celebrating a big milestone.)
  6. Redfin - While it isn’t available everywhere, Redfin regularly sends leads for a 30-35% referral rate.
  7. Referrals from feeder market agents - Developing relationships with agents from other markets (and offering a referral fee) is a great way to establish connections and clients from a feeder market.
  8. Door knocking is a great strategy to inform everyone in a particular area if a specific home is for sale. Often, some people are also considering selling.
  9. YouTube videos - Creating videos about the buying process and your community is a great tactic to reach people interested in your area.
  10. Post listings on Facebook buy and sell groups - These groups often have thousands of members, and it’s a great way to reach people in a particular area. People will tag those they think are interested, giving you targets to prospect. 
  11. Zillow leads - If you’re willing to invest money, Zillow is a great resource. 
  12. Hose open houses - This is the best way to reach potnetial buyers. If you don’t have a current listing, ask an agent in your network or brokerage if they’d be interested in you running one. 
  13. Google My Business - Google is the most-used search engine in the world. And Google offers business pages to help generate free organic traffic. 
  14. Add value in Facebook groups - Answer questions and clarify information (but don’t spam people) to provide value for people interested in joining your community.
  15. Instagram reels and TikToks - Create quick 1-minute videos about information buyers will be interested in. It’s a great way to generate organic traffic.
  16. Buy Facebook Ads - If you don’t know how to do this, hire someone who can. (Or look it up on YouTube.) Take advantage of this easy opportunity!
  17. Call for rent by owners - Even if they aren’t interested in selling their investment, you can see if they’re interested in acquiring more properties.
  18. First-time home buyer seminars - Get together with a lender, credit specialist, and other important figures to teach first-time home buyers about how they can start their purchasing journey.
  19. leads - While this involves an upfront cost, investing in leads is a great way to fill your pipeline with impressive ROI.
  20. Coming soon post on social media - If you are allowed to do this (depending on your MLS), these posts are a great way to generate interest and share with people before it reaches your market.
  21. Run Google Ads - This is a great tactic to focus on your ideal buyer. Hire someone or learn if you don’t know how.
  22. Friday favorite posts - Consistently posting your favorite property currently listed gives people a consistent source to visit to see available homes.

Generate and convert leads to buyers through using these 22 strategies. Make this your best year yet by engaging and developing a robust list of potential new homeowners!

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