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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Jan 17, 2023

Video, video, video is ALL we hear as real estate agents. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Podcast, Jimmy goes over 23 different video ideas you can use to get some high-quality content out for 2023.

Seven Things To Know Before You Move To This Area

  • Whenever people are getting ready to move into a new city or new area, oftentimes they’ll go onto Google or YouTube beforehand to get an idea of both open properties as well as things to know about the area.
  • If someone is thinking about moving to an area, and they see your video, they’ll be FAR more likely to click on it and watch it. It’s a fantastic way to generate some traffic for your channel and get out to people.

Five Things People Love About Living In This Area

  • Just like the seven things video idea, this is another clickable and watchable video that people WILL WANT to check out.
  • This video gives potential buyers an idea of WHAT an area they’re interested in is actually like. It’ll give them an idea of whether or not they’ll actually like the area, as well as an idea of some things that are popular in the area.

Five Things People Hate About Living In This Area

  • Negativity is clickable. Just like things people LOVE about living in an area, people will also click on a video showcasing some things people don’t like about a particular area.
  • This video will also give buyers some insight into a particular area, specifically some of its more negative aspects. It allows them to know the pros AND cons of a city before they make the commitment of moving there.

Three Most Popular Neighborhoods In This Area

  • Providing people with information on the best or most popular neighborhoods is a great way to add value to them. After all, why wouldn’t a buyer WANT to live in one of these three neighborhoods?

This video also presents an opportunity to get TRAFFIC to your website. In the video description or in the comments, you can link your website and provide some listings in one of the neighborhoods.

How many homes Can You Get For This Amount of Money in This Area?

  • Whether it’s real estate or some other product/service, price is a VERY important piece of information for buyers to know.
  • A video like this not only gives VALUABLE insight for buyers, but it also presents an opportunity for a series of videos. Make a video about what 1 million dollars can buy, one about what 50k can buy, one about what 10k can buy, etc.

Five Facts Most People Don’t Know About This Area

  • People LOVE knowing secret information or feeling like they know something exclusive. This type of video is another hyper-clickable one that will get traffic to your channel.
  • Whether it be stories, places to hang out, or something else just highlight some little-known facts about a particular city. This gives information to buyers as WELL as helps build trust with them, since you’re sharing exclusive information.

Three Things To Consider When Buying/Selling In This Area

  • One CRITICAL thing you should focus on when making real estate videos is: Being a resource. Present yourself as the ultimate resource for information to buyers and sellers to help build trust with them.
  • Videos like this not only make you come off as a resource, but also helps to set you apart from other real estate agents. Go over some sort of information that buyers and sellers should consider before they consult you.

Seven Service Providers Everyone In This Area Should Know

  • Beyond presenting yourself as a resource to buyers and sellers, another KEY concept to consider when making videos is: Make them shareable.
  • One INCREDIBLE way to make your videos more shareable is by focusing on information or ideas that are local to a particular area. Go over some important service providers for your specific area to get people engaging with, and sharing your videos.

Interviews With Local School Representatives

  • Something that families in particular are going to want to know before moving into an area is what the local school system is like.
  • Whether you interview the principal, some teachers, or other faculty members, these types of videos are a FANTASTIC way to give potential buyers insight into what the school system is like.

Community Overview Videos

  • Just like information on schools, something else people HEAVILY consider before moving into a particular city is what the community is like.
  • Neighborhood videos like this are something you SHOULD utilize to help garner organic traffic and leads. Jimmy knew a real estate agent who, at the request of a buyer, made a video describing some information about a local neighborhood. Without ANY effort, a few weeks after the video went live, someone called her and asked about information about a particular house. She sold that house for 450k.

Restaurant Owner/Manager Interviews

  • Videos like this give you two advantages: Not only do they allow you to come off as a resource for a particular neighborhood, but they ALSO put you in good standing with local businesses. If you help local restaurants, they’ll be likely to help you.
  • Buyers moving into a particular city will look at videos like these, and others providing information about the place they’re moving to, and are likely to share them with other buyers.

Now That Your Home Is Listed

  • Jimmy utilizes videos like this to keep communication with clients. The NUMBER ONE issue that buyers and sellers have with agents, according to polls, is they don’t communicate enough.
  • Once a seller has listed their property, send a video like this to them. It not only ENSURES communication continues, but it also presents you as a resource to the seller.

Now That Your Home Is Under Contract, What To Expect

  • Just like sending a video to sellers once their home is listed, videos like these get sent to people whose houses are now listed. Systematic videos like these are GREAT for keeping up communication while also providing information to clients.
  • After someone’s house is under contract, videos like these do one thing in particular: They prevent any surprises. By telling someone EXACTLY what to expect, you’ll avoid any unforeseen issues in the future.

Now That You’re Under Contract To Buy

  • Sellers and buyers will have different questions once they’re working with you. Again, the BIGGEST cause of issues between agents and clients is a lack of communication. Systematic videos like these ensure good communication.
  • Go over some information that buyers need to know, specifically the next steps to take. Tell them the process to keep communication up and help establish a relationship between you and the buyer.

Client Testimonials

  • People look at results. You CAN claim you’re the best real estate agent, but a video of one of your clients saying that is far more likely to be believed by other clients.
  • Get some of your best clients and have them describe the process of buying and selling with you. Once people hear about how ENJOYABLE it is to work with you, they’ll be more likely to come to you for buying and selling.

About Me and Team Video

  • Buyers and sellers are CONSTANTLY looking for information to help them decide which real estate agent they should work with.
  • Make a video describing how you got into the real estate business and your story. Provide a basic overview of yourself as well as one of your team members. Give clients the information they’re looking for to help generate future business.

The Story of my Favorite Closing

  • This video idea essentially combines the idea of an about me video as well as a client testimonial.
  • Go over some challenges you had to face with closing a deal and how you overcame said challenges. Describe what made that closing SO GREAT to give viewers an idea of why you’re a great real estate agent and why they should go with you.

Virtual Open House

  • One of the BEST ways to help grow your real estate business is through hosting open houses. Hosting one virtually, though, allows ANYONE to come to your open house. 
  • A virtual open house allows anyone to get an idea of open listings, regardless of whether they can attend the in-person open house or not. Doing a video walkthrough of a house is the best way to generate momentum for the in-person open house.

New Listing Video Walkthroughs

  • This type of video is specific to one, or a few, different clients. If there’s a new listing that is PERFECT for certain clients, then do a video walkthrough of it.
  • Videos like this not only help you build a relationship with those clients, but it also presents the opportunity to set up an in-person meeting with you and the client to go over the listing. It helps generate that momentum that’ll help you start and close the deal.

Check-In Videos

  • We all know as real estate agents just how IMPORTANT adding value to clients, whether current or past, is. Check-in videos are one way to add that value.
  • Create a little video asking how a client is doing and thanking them for either choosing you or working with you in the past. It could be sent over text or email, but however you send it, it’s an INCREDIBLE method for adding value.

Quarterly Market Updates

  • Beyond adding value, something else that’s key in being a real estate agent is coming off as a resource. Market updates show you’re watching the market AND that you’re a resource.
  • You could send this video out in the form of a newsletter or some other consistent video. Go over trends in the market to provide insight to buyers and sellers and go over general information they should know.

Updates on Listings

  • This is another video type that can be sent out consistently, whether it’s on a weekly or monthly basis, that will provide VALUABLE information to buyers and sellers.
  • Consistency is key, in real estate and in life. Make a video describing whatever’s going on with your listings and send it out to clients. Not only does this ensure consistency, but it also ensures you keep communication up.

Video Unsolicited CMAs

  • A video CMA just refers to a video going over recent selling or new listings that you send to people in your sphere of influence who’ve mentioned they might be buying or selling in the future.
  • If you hear about a potential lead, send that lead a CMA. This jump-starts the process of setting up a deal with them. Provide that lead with some valuable information on the state of the market.

Video is something EVERY real estate agent should utilize. As we go into 2023, take some of these video ideas and create content using them. You’ll ABSOLUTELY see growth and profits.

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