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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Dec 19, 2023

Your dream is to have a thriving real estate business that provides you with a luxury lifestyle. However, you have been in the industry for a year now, and everything is going differently than planned.

You grind hard daily to sell homes, but your real estate business is far from what you initially pictured. How can you design your dream business to help you live the perfect life?

Start by listening to this week’s episode of The Real Estate Sales podcast. TRES host, Jimmy Burgess, speaks with another real estate agent, Price Rainer, on tips for building a successful business. Tune in now and hear what they have to say!

Creating a Business Plan to Support the Dream Life

  • Price shares how a coach he hired in 2001 inspired him to start his business.
  • Price discussed his "life of dreams" with a mentor, who asked him to time block his daily activities to support his goals.
  • He filled out a time blocking sheet based on their values and priorities, and the mentor provided guidance on how to tailor his business to support his lifestyle.

Tailoring Business to Fund Dream Life Through Daily Activities

  • Price wanted to generate enough money to fund his dream life through real estate, but recognized the need to balance work and personal life.
  • He identified three communities to target based on sales price and commissions, and developed a plan to penetrate each community.
  • Price used a specific formula to determine daily activities to achieve his goals and dreams, modifying them each October as needed.
  • Consistency in following this practice led to meeting or exceeding goals and dreams every year.

Prioritizing Life Goals and Avoiding Sacrifice

  • Jimmy emphasizes the importance of prioritizing life goals and values over work, avoiding sacrifice for the sake of being a workaholic.

Accountability in Real Estate Business Growth

  • Jimmy shares that he often struggles with managing his time and tasks, leading to a reactive and unproductive work style.
  • Price emphasizes the importance of accountability in maintaining a plan and staying on track, with the help of a mentor or coach like the assistant.
  • He also emphasizes the importance of accountability in achieving business goals, citing personal coaching and mastermind groups as helpful tools.
  • Jimmy agrees, highlighting the value of daily practices and delegating administrative and marketing tasks to grow the business and free up time for high-priority activities.

You deserve to have it all - the thriving real estate business and the high luxury lifestyle. One of the best ways to achieve this is to be accountable for your daily actions. 

This will help you achieve the growth and results you desire. Also, subscribing and listening to the TRES podcast will help you reach your real estate goals faster.

“I had to get control of my time to really be able to operate in a measured, you know, consistent way to really grow a real estate practice in a professional, well-organized manner.” -Price Rainer.

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