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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Jun 25, 2021

Realtors today have many different platforms and tactics to attract new clients and spread awareness of their business, one of which being video creation. But how do people do it successfully? Today, Jimmy is joined by Glennda Baker, President and CEO of Glennda Baker and Associates, Inc., to learn her secrets to successful video creation and dissemination.

In October of 2020, Glennda professionally invested in video creation and Tik Tok. 

  • Glennda decided to create professionally created content because she wanted to reflect her brand. While filming on a phone is available to anyone, it wasn’t the standard she wanted for herself.
  • Glennda batches her content creation, shooting an entire month’s worth of videos in one day.

What does this filming day entail?

  • She films videos at her home. Her videographer arrives and sets up his equipment at 7:00, and the two plan the day’s content until 8:30. 
  • From 8:30-11:30, Glennda films all her Tik Tok videos. After a break, she films videos for Instagram reels, LinkedIn, and general marketing. All in all, she estimates it to be an eleven-hour day.

Video content generates results. 

  • Since April 14th, Glennda went from 50k to 300k followers on Tik Tok alone.
  • With just one video, Glennda gained 50,000 followers and generated three million views.
  • More importantly, that same video received 43,000 shares, meaning the video was sent to someone the original viewer thought would relate to the content. 
  • Additionally, Glennda receives direct messages across all her social channels of people looking to work with her.

How does Glennda think of content to make?

  • She keeps ideas for videos throughout the month in her notes, and she sends ideas to her videographer when she thinks of them.
  • Most importantly, she utilizes the Q&A function of Tik Tok to answer questions her audience has directly.
  • Glennda’s ultimate tip for content creation: Just talk about what you know!

Getting started in content creation for real estate:

  • The simplest place to start is live video. It’s authentic, in the moment, and you don’t have the luxury of critiquing it.
  • Start with the platform that has your most devoted audience; it will be a safe place to start and see what style works for you.
  • Glennda’s final takeaway? Rather than pictures, put everything on video, and be yourself. 
  • To get in contact with Glennda, find her on all social media platforms @glenndabaker and LinkedIn.

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