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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Aug 17, 2021

Quickly growing and scaling a real estate business all depends on one crucial factor: efficiency. You could always be doing something to develop your business, but finding the time to do it all can often be the limiting factor. To help alleviate the constant time crunch, Jimmy gives his 11 must-have apps for realtors to save time and get more things done.




  • A great tool that gives background checks for people and the ability to know some of the addresses of people you might want to reach out to.




  • This app tracks your expenses, income, mileage, and even provides an estimate of your taxes, so you know how much to save.




  • An app that lets you edit videos on the fly.
  • You can compile different shots as you walk through a house, quickly combine them with transitions into one video, and add text and intro/outro graphics consistent with branding.



  • Notes App


  • Did you know you can scan physical documents right from your phone? 
  • Thanks to modern technology, you don’t have to remember paperwork or make multiple trips to the office.




  • You no longer have to remember a measuring tape to get the measurements and dimensions of a room or area; you can do it right on your phone.




  • The Bombbomb app specifically gives you the ability to create a pre-recorded video.
  • With that video, you can send a video message to let them know you’ll contact them as soon as you can.




  • Electronic signature platform to get people’s signatures right from your phone. 
  • You can write up a document right from your phone, send, sign, and share those documents right from your phone.




  • Lightroom is a photo editing app that lets you edit pictures directly from your phone, so they’re ready to send or publish.




  • While you’re in the car or out and about, audible lets you find resources and new information regardless to stay informed about the industry.




  • Finding times to meet and set up appointments is easy, because you can have your calendar with specific time blocks available. 




  • A centralized location where you can house your photos, surveys, documents, and anything you need.


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