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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

May 24, 2022

Instagram is a vital part of any social media strategy, especially for real estate agents. In today’s episode of the Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy identifies 22 different Instagram accounts you should follow to learn, grow, and emulate for social media success.


  • Tom Toole, @tomtoole3rd interviews agents and goes behind the scenes in his work.
  • Tom Ferry, @tomferry publishes beneficial and educational real estate content.
  • Byron Lazine, @byronlazine posts valuable interviews, tips, and strategies for real estate.
  • Luke Acree, @lukeacree shares his insightful podcast interviews.
  • Keeping Current Matters, @keepingcurrentmatters publishes statistics and information that gives you intelligent talking points for market details.
  • Jimmy Machin, @jimmymackin focuses on publishing actionable steps for realtors to follow.
  • The Broke Agent, @thebrokeagent brings humor to the business and helps lighten tense topics.
  • Scott Betley, @thatmortgageguy_ shows trending topics for your social media pages.
  • @ninjasellingofficial is an account that focuses on the value of building relationships. 
  • Tony Robbins, @tonyrobbins gives us the ability to stay motivated and focused on our goals.


  • DJ and Lindsey, @djandlindsey are a real estate team that shares stories and training.
  • Heidi Harris, @homesweetheidi is a master of connecting with audiences and is a great model to follow.
  • Stuart Crowell, @stuartcrowell gives great talking points to explain to your local audience on the market.
  • Andrew Undem, @undem posts a variety of content that can give you ideas for something new.
  • Marley Presswood, @thingsmarleydoes connects with her audience and centers on her authenticity.
  • Katie Day, @movemetotx educates agents with a variety of informative content. 
  • Brad McCullum, @the.real.brad.mccallum combines great video content with quick real estate tips.
  • Lynley, @lynleyresidential applies scenarios to different points in the real estate industry.
  • Mario Mitchell, @mariomitchellteam utilizes stories to document his day.


  • Glennda Baker, @glenndabaker is authentically who she is, and her audience loves it.
  • Ryan Serhant, @ryanserhant sets up a professional appearance but takes the time to keep content personal.
  • Ricky Carruth, @rickycarruth chronicles how he works, grows his team and lives outside of work.

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