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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

May 31, 2022

Getting your business to the next level doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you take the advice of those who’ve already found success. In today’s episode of the Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy is joined by the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Ambassador Real Estate, Vince Leisey, to discuss his secret to success.

Be willing to learn and grow within the market.

  • Commit to being a part of a mastermind, a group of people who brainstorm problems and challenges to learn and grow alongside one another.
  • If you’re in a mastermind group and have an attitude of abundance, you’ll grow through the encouragement of the people around you. 
  • Vince’s teams with the most transactions make the time commitment to learn from one another.
  • These groups frequently produce the best solutions because multiple people come together to solve a problem one person might not be able to do.

Find a mastermind of your own (or join one):

  • Like-type mastermind groups are great because each participant is at a similar point in their career.
  • Groups should be at least 12, but ideally, 14-16 individuals and meetings should be long enough that everyone has an opportunity to speak and be heard.
  • When speaking, each agent should focus on one thing to grow their business. 
  • Consider starting the first 30-45 minutes by discussing current market predictions and what details the group should communicate to its buyers.
  • One of the benefits of being a Berkshire Hathaway member is that if no mastermind group is present, you can easily find a group of willing participants to join your group from across the country. 
  • Depending on your group and its experience level, consider having a facilitator join to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to speak. Otherwise, a common issue is one or two agents dominate the conversation.

Likeability is the most essential trait for connecting to new clients. 

  • Because of technology and social media, realtors can build relationships and stay connected in a meaningful and valuable way with many more people.
  • While digital communication is important, sphere-of-influence parties and face-to-face interactions are the most productive way to build relationships. They should always be a part of an introduction strategy when meeting new clients. 

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