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The Real Estate Sales Podcast

Oct 21, 2022

The more you know the more your bank account will grow. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy explains 11 real estate understandings that can change your tax bracket. 


1. It’s not about you


  • It’s about solving problems and meeting the needs of your clients. 
  • When you shift the focus from yourself to your clients, your business will begin to grow. 


2. Relationships are greater than transactions


  • If you can shift your focus and understand that you need to build deep relationships, the transactions will follow.


3. The more you know the more you grow


  • Become a student of your contract.
  • Become the person that understands what's happening in your city, what are the numbers for your market, what are the average days on the market, etc.
  • When you know more your business will grow. 


4. You are a marketing company that happens to sell real estate


  • The basics of this business are marketing. 
  • The better you get at marketing, the faster your business will grow. 


5. Your vibe attracts your tribe


  • Be authentic to who you are. 
  • This will attract the exact right person for your business. 


6. Video is a must


  • When you send a video message there is no doubt about who you are and the message you are sending. 


7. There is no such thing as a past client


  • You are building clients for life. 
  • The value that a client has is in a lifetime relationship. 


8. Leads are a 3-step process


  • Lead generation, lead nurturing and lead conversion. 
  • Understanding this three-step process will change everything. 


9. The money is in the follow-up


  • If you don’t follow up, nothing is going to happen. 
  • You have to be the person that will initiate the follow-up and continue to add value. 


10. Consistency is key


  • Whatever it is you are doing, you need to commit to doing it consistently. 


11. Platinum is better than gold


  • The platinum rule says, “Treat other people the way that they want to be treated.”
  • Consistently give people what they want in the way that they want it. 

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